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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 2, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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staff. i didn't pick that one but it is sort of funny. make sure you go to greta you can tell us what you think about washington, the debt ceiling, whatever. keep it here on fox news channel, o'reilly factor is next. good night from washington. bil" is on. tonight. like a form of economic terrorism. tea party guys strapped with dynamite. you do it my way or we will blow ourselves up and the country with us. >> bill: far left stepping up attacks on the tea party. now they are branding them terrorists. will the smear campaign be successful? >> jet deal? >> what about the tea party. >> i like tea parties. >> wheant the debt at now? >> i heard it's 14 billion, right? >> trillion. >> damn. >> >> bill: do americans understand or even care about the brutal spending debate? john stossel will weigh. >> in the trial of polygamist leader warren jeffs continues in
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texas. utah authorities now want to see all the evidence the lone star state has gathered mr. polygamist warren jeffs spend a long time in prison? is it legal will handicap the trial. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. terrorism and the tea party. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. in a very coordinated effort, the far left in america is once again trying to marginalize the tea party in the eyes of nonideological americans, which is most of the voting public. you may remember that the radical left tried to brand the tea party racist but that attempt failed as the election last november demonstrated now the uber left legions are at it again. a debt compromise with terrorism.
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>> it's like a form of economic terrorism. i imagine these tea party guys are like strapped with dynamite standing in the middle of times square at rain shower and saying do you it -- rush hour you do it my way or we will blow you and the rest of the country up with us. >> once having been successful at blindfolding the american public, putting a gun to the president's head, forcing him to read into law or to sign into law this extraordinary act of, i think, unpatriotic and irrational frenzy. i think they are emboldedden. >> any faction that would put a gun to the head of 310 million people and say if you don't do it our way we biological your dreams away. blow a hole in the american economy that is unamerican. >> bill: notice the identical language used by those three individuals. no question that far left well coordinated. another example in a "new york
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times" column today quote: >> bill: jihad? as bernie goldberg astutely pointed out last night many on the far left refuse to mention jihad when real muslim terrorists strike. but now the terrorist's label is all over the tea party. that is wrong. as you may know, i disagreed with the tea party on occasion. some bill o' premium members even cancelled their memberships because i said michele bachmann and others are too rigid on the debt deal that although their cause is just, controlling government spending, their methods were causing harm to them and to you. but branding congresswoman bachmann a terrorist is disgraceful. our are far left politicians
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terrorists as well? they voted against the debt deal. hey, far left fanatics is there a difference when your side refuses to compromise? apparently there is. the bitter political divide in the u.s.a. is disturbing. using words like terrorist and racist to brand opponents is simply unacceptable. i think president obama needs to give another speech like his arizona appeal some of his most ardent supporters obviously did not get the message. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction. joining us from reaction is fox news political analyst charles krauthammer who himself has criticized the tea party but did not call them terrorists. the coordinated annual at this tea party effort is interesting here, charles, is it it not? >> well, it certainly is a spitting and sputtering of people who are been deeply defeated. i mean, they were routed. they were up against a small minority of one house of 1/3 of the congress and they got -- they lost everything. they got routed.
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look, this was their henry the fifth out numbered by the french three to 1 option, liberals hold senate, white house and media. leaking and pair rodding the white house line all the way through and they still got defeated. i think this is a pathetic response, if you have no ampleght, what do you do? you add whom nipples, attack homonyms. i don't think these people have the wherewithal to orchestrate a three car motorcade. >> bill: here is what i think happened. >> the reasonable for the repetition is lack of intelligence and lack of originality. people who are slothful. >> bill: here is what what we are hearing, it happens on the republican side too, by the way. here is what we are hearing there are a list of media people, pundits primarily but some straight people as well
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some so-called reporters who are on mailing lists of radical left web sites to think get blasts, this get talking points. it happens on the right, too. little ding on blackberry, ding ding. here is the phraseology that's being used. they read it and they spit it back. that's happening, charles, that's coordination people with no intelligence, no originality, no origination, they have lost, no arguments, what do they do they want enat theenat the time. someone using it on the air. i don't credit them what it takes to put together a conspiracy. i'm not sure that's an important point here. the effect is they all end up saying the same thing. birds on a wire. >> here is why i think it's important. when you repeat a lie often
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enough in some people's minds, it becomes a truth. that's the rule number one of every propagandaist who has ever operated. repeat the lie. mantra, mantra, mantra. now, they tried it with the racist deal. you know they did. they tried to brand the tea party people racist. it didn't work. now, they are saying economic taste terrorists, they want to blot country up. if you repeat the lie often enough it will work. you just said with racism it didn't work. >> this is transparently silly. had you one congress, i wrote it down mike doyle in the meeting with the meeting with the president yesterday said we have negotiated with terrorists. the small group of terrorists has made it impossible for us to spend any money well, that's a hell of a definition of terrorism. normally a terrorist says i want you to convert. i want your daughter, i want your money, i want your
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submission, this guy says a bunch of tears in congress have stopped us from spending money we don't have. you think that's an argument that will carry with the american people? >> bill: i don't think it was the tea party who got this done i think it was the american people. i think the tea party drove the debate and set the debate up to their credit. we are wildly in debt and going to harm everybody. i think it was the folks charles that said 14. a trillion dollars not okay with us anymore unemployment at more than 9% not okay. i think that's what happened here. >> i'm not sure there is a difference. in the democracy folks speak. how do they speak on election day? what's the result? they elect representatives who speak on their behalf and those representatives in the house, some of them rather small minority, prevailed over majority. why? because they have conviction and they have the argument and they
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have reality and truth on their side. this country is headed over a cliff economically. everybody understands that. including the ratings agencies which are rather neutral on this. objective observers and they say you don't get your house in order, we're going to make you lose your a.a.a. everybody understands that but it was these people expressed through their representatives who made the case and won the day. >> bill: all right, charles, thanks very much. here are the results of our bill o' poll. we asked how speaker of the house john boehner handled the debt deal. 55% of you said he handled it well. 27% fair. 17% poor. about 25,000 viewers voted and we thank you all. next on the run down will mainstream liberals walk away from far left bomb throwers, later, will warren jeffs be convicted on sex charges. coming right back.
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repudiate the far left using the terrorist analogy? >> well, no member of congress should be referred to as a terrorist. in the heat of the moment, people say things that later on one would hope they would regret. i serve with members who represent the left, the right, and the center. american eagles, never forget it needs two wings to fly. we shouldn't be trying to undercut our basic humanity with smears. we have to get america back to work, bill. we have some serious economic challenges ahead of us. the stock market today eight straight days of decline, first time that's happened since october of 2008 in the height of the financial crisis. we better start focusing on things. we can't do that if we just attack each other and not -- >> bill: does it disturb you at all that your vote mirrored that of michele bachmann. you couldn't get more opposite than you and mrs. bachmann. but you both voted the same way
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to say no to the debt compromise. you guys are coming closer together. >> together at last. actually, there were 66 republicans who voted against the deal. 5 democrats. -- 95 democrats. you might find a reason that might differ one to the other. the fact of the matter is, we have a -- we're approaching a double dip recession. we have got to get america back to work. in defense of my friends in the tea party. they didn't create this mess. i mean the drivers of the deficit have been the wars, the bush tax cuts, the recession that occurred because of wall street's inflating housing prices and medicare part d. that happened in previous congresses. so now we have got to find a way to move america forward. >> bill: here's the problem with that and i have got one more question on the tamera and then i will get into the economics of it with you. you haven't been called a terrorist by the "new york
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times" or any of these liberal pundits on msnbc. i don't think have you been called terrorist, have you. >> no. >> you haven't been called but you did the same thing that toofer l. tea party people. >> you and i will agree that name-calling isn't appropriate. >> bill: why aren't you called terrorist when you did the same thing. >> i have probably been called a knew names. i have to say that we have to work with people in the congress and name-calling. >> bill: i got it you concede my point. they attack the tea party people but they leave you alone because you are simpatico with their left wing views. >> i don't know about that. >> bill: this is why the economy is stalling and why day after day we get bad news. because there is all this money on the sidelines. the banks aren't lending. small business isn't hiring. everybody is scared. and you know why they are scared? because the federal government is intruding at such an extent that regulations are being passed to such an extent that
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business fears it can't expand and if it does hire anybody they are going to have to nay owner onerous health care insurance called obama health care. the exact policies have you promoted are constricting the economy, strangling it right now. >> well, business contraction of employment halls probably actually profile adverse to the general interest. as far as national health care, look, if we had a single pair program that would save business money it would save the economy money. >> bill: but you don't have one. you have a hodgepodge. >> i advocate that, bill. >> bill: i do know that what passside a hodgepodge of regulation and in three segments back from you, now the federal government is ordering, ordering the health insurance companies to pay for all breast feeding stuff, all female birth control stuff. all preventative measures for doctors for ladies that go. in and what do you think that's going to do?
11:17 pm
that's going to hiring even more. >> we have to be concerned with women's health care. >> bill: i'm concerned. you are not going to expand and hire if they have to pay higher health care premiums. >> we have to be concerned about women's health care and families. bill, really. >> bill: you can't have a welfare state and robust capitalistic system. >> i believe in capitalism but you know what? , everybody should have the ability to be a capitalist. ability to create wealth. we are in a stagnated economy right now. put 14 million people back to work. make $3 trillion in infrastructure investments. help business, prime the pump of the economy. the solutions we have now are all, you know,. >> bill: don't you understand congressman, the liberal policies are putting handcuffs on private businesses they are not going to hire when they have to pay so much more for health care. they are not going to hire extra people. >> bill, you know what? it would save money in the long run. save the economy single pair
11:18 pm
system. >> long run? >> actually in the short run as well. right now one out of every three dollars goes for various areas of health insurance companies, compt profit, stock options. >> bill: congressman, you need to come here to new york city and twins convince those people on wall street because nobody in the business community is buying it. that's why they are not hiring. >> bill o'reilly, if you picked a person from wall street i will come to new york and debate that person. i'm looking forward to it. >> bill: great to see you. you are a stand up guy. most people in the country very angry at both political parties. is that fair? we will show you a new poll. later, do americans even understand or care about the vicious spending debate going on right now? stossel has some thoughts upcoming. [ male announcer ] to the 5:00 a.m. scholar. the two trains and a bus rider. the "i'll sleep when it's done" academic. for 80 years, we've been inspired by you. and we've been honored to walk with you to help you get where you want to be
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will. >> bill: barack and hard place. 72% of americans describe the debt negotiations in negative terms like ridiculous, childish and stupid. 75% of republicans feel that way. 72% of dradz wanted 2 -- democrats. 72% of independence. leslie marshall and alan colmes. was the entire deal dumb. >> it certainly came off that wait a minute republicans, led by the tea partiers created a crisis that didn't have to create and then they take credit for solving the crisis that they created. when 18 times reagan, 17 times during bush raised the debt ceiling. never went through this before. never had a crisis. >> bill: why do 72% of americans think both parties at fault. >> they look at washington and see it as a problem. a whole problem. >> bill: you only see it as a republican problem. >> i believe in this particular case this was created by the right i can wingers who acted differently with this president than they did with any previous
11:23 pm
president when we continually raised the debt ceiling. >> bill: why do you think dennis kucinich wasn't branded a terrorist when he wouldn't compromise but the right wing were. >> gun imagery used by sarah palin and michele bachmann and whole bunch of right wingers because it's not one sided that kind of right wing violent imagery. >> bill: using bad behavior to justify other bad behavior. >> not indig genus by the left this kind of imagery is being used. >> bill: not the discussion today. >> not same kind of outrage when the right does it. >> bill: dennis kucinich. >> you like him. >> bill: colmes doesn't know, not an unusual situation,. [ laughter ] >> not exactly what i said. you took me out of context. >> you took my line. >> bill: why far left say that the tea party are terrorists and dennis kucinich and the far left, which wouldn't compromise either, they get a pass? >> well, you know, i have got to
11:24 pm
tell you, it's interesting because after the left had their massacre rally theater in january. after the horrific situation in tucson, we thought that they had some new tone that they wanted to promote. and then we get this. and this is the irony. it's interesting, yeah, gabriel giffords, of course, for the first time back in the house a wonderful return, we got the tenth anniversary of september 11th and now we're all getting branded terrorists? i mean, look, a word about mass murder and mutilation of children. the reason it doesn't happen to the left is because theed me media is controlled by the left. meant to demonize tea party damage tea party spectrum. this is a vice president. >> bill: i'm glad you brought that up. biden denies saying that. didhe denies it.
11:25 pm
>> semantics. agreed with doyle. they are acting in that way. didn't use the terrorist word. >> bill: let's give him the benefit of the doubt because we have so many others. we have absolutely just showed them this pew study is interesting. folks. this is not a pundit deal. this is the people. said all of them, all of them, tea party liberal democrats, president obama, all pinheads. all of them. and i think that's true. i think the american people are angry across the board. >> look. the tea party was the sign that americans had already become sick and tired of what washington was doing. and then look at the end result. there is nobody should be crowing about what's going on here. now that we're getting the analysis we are spending in this bill that's what 74 pages long. $34 billion per page? i don't know why anybody, ranging from boehner to pelosi or reid or obama think this is anything to crow about. it puts us further in debt.
11:26 pm
americans look at this and they are -- they are tired of it. americans are tired of it in general. we are going to show that in november. >> bill: tired of it and they blame everybody. >> yeah. >> bill: would you agree with that. >> blame the tea party more. 83% blame the tea party. the tea party is actually being blamed more. >> bill: by this much. >> by 10%. >> bill: by this much. they are all taking a hit. now, president obama came out today, again, another little press deal and this, and that, and he said pretty much the same thing. we got to put america back to work. kucinich said this, that, and the other thing. but the street. wall street is in a free fall. a free fall. >> this isn't going to put people back to work. where are the jobs boehner. >> bill: you know, you and i are in parallel universe. when did john boehner become president of the united states. >> he said in front of congress we are going to put people back to work.
11:27 pm
that's what he said he was going to do. >> bill: you just said where are the jobs mr. boehner? he is the speaker of the house. >> wait a minute, because the house was going to elect all these republicans. >> i want to know, guys. >> where is the budget? >> acquitted himself with the president. is he -- he thinks is he the president. he thinks he is running the country. >> bill: you are really rod serlg. that's how really are. >> yeah. i'm rodder serlg. >> give us the outer limits music and we are good. no budget there. obama a party going on tomorrow night. >> a party how dare he? >> well, every wednesday, every night, vacations. >> that's ridiculous. >> americans are wondering if the backseat of their car is going to liberal. >> bill: colmes doesn't have a car he elm be out on the street. >> i have the f train.
11:28 pm
other statement. more violent imagery from the right. >> bill: calm down we have ether in the background. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. get ready to get ready obama administration will force companies to pay for breast feeding babies and birth control for women. "special report" on that. attorney general going after the state of alabama for new law to constrain illegal immigration. weep -- we hope you stay tuned to those reports. [ male announcer ] this is lisa, who tries to stay ahd of her class. morning starts with arthritis pain... that's two pills before the first bell. [ bell rings ] it's time for recess... and more pills. afternoon art starts and so does her knee pain, that's two more pills. almost ne, but hang on... her doctor recommended aleve cause it can relieve pain all day with just two pills. this is lisa... who switched to aleve and fewer pills for a day free of pain. and get the all day pain relief oaleve in liquid gels.
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>> bill: unresolved problem segment tonight. many like this one were angry passed without many politicians reading it. one of the provisions of the new law mandates that on january 1st, 2013. private insurance companies will have to pay for things like breast feeding support. birth control for women and, quote, well woman doctor visits. whatever that may be. with us now doctor marc siegel unlocking the secret code of sickness and health. kathleen london family practice physician here in new york city. we invited both of these doctors on because they are in preventative medicine. that is the wave of the future keeping people from deteriorating quickly as they get older. dr. london, i was trying to get across to dennis kucinich that she's huge government programs are harming the economy because, as you know, as you both doctors
11:32 pm
know, once this kicks in in 2013, private health insurance companies that pick up the tab, they are going to pass it along in higher premium rates. people like me who buy my own insurance and to biggss that buy insurance. businesses will higher fewer people. that's my concern here, doctor, do you share it. >> i actually do not. we have been shown and if you look around the world services actually save us a lot of money. burdennible of disease. that's where the majority of health care dollars are spent on health care diseases. >> bill: no doubt the proper preventative the better off the planet is going to be. my premium is going to go up again. i'm going to have to pay more money to the health insurance company. and, therefore, if i hire somebody in my corporation, all right, hire for that person. i am less likely to hire more people. do you understand that? >> i hear where you are coming
11:33 pm
from. >> bill: it depresses the economy. >> it's a shortsighted view. if you look at. so provisions that are in here. take one had you a few things to say about birth control. save over $19 billion. that's an awful lot of health care spending to have. >> bill: i'm not sure that can be proven. >> that was actually based on a studdie. >> i totally disagree with dr. london on this. birth controls can actually increase the rate of sexually transmitted diseases. using a birth control may not use a condom. more unwanted pregnancies. if i'm paying for somebody vac seq. tomorrows or do you believe lie gations. who is going to pay for my many stent. turn around and block another one. what about poor people. what does the obama administration saying here when it's man dating that insurers cover this, population control are we talking about here? behavior modification? because any also want primary care doctors like me to go into people's households and do domestic screenings to see if
11:34 pm
violence is going on. do i know how to do that? this is all a lot of money thrown away in my opinion. >> sexually transmitted and counseling, the disease counseling is part of this as well. so there is -- that's one of the things that's not happening right now is that women aren't being counseled how to prevent it. >> bill: wait a minute, is it the government's responsibility to take your land and lead you through life? aren't you concerned about the nanny state. >> aren't you concerned that 51% of pregnancies in this country are unintended? 51%. >> birth control pills are not going to get it? >> the iud could get that and other things. >> bill: we have in this country now mandatory sex education in the school system. all right? everybody knows if you have unprotected sex you could get aids, stds and pregnant. >> well, abstinence only to happen? >> bill: you are telling me because the government is going to kick you some pills. >> the government isn't. it's your inel surer.
11:35 pm
>> bill: but the government is in the sense that the insurer is going to pass it along to all the american people, whatever cost is there. >> a lot of catholics and other people don't believe in birth control and they are entitled to to that belief. where is the government coming in and intruding and spreading this entitlement. >> but they have that out. >> oh, because you have to sign a form to back out of that. but it's not fair that if i don't believe in bitter control that i have to then pay for it. >> 98% of practicing catholics who ho are sexually active have used birth control. 8% of women. >> bill: and i have got to go. this is, again, personal responsibility versus the nanny state. >> but when you can't afford it, it's not. >> bill: there are clinics and everything else that distribute these things. you say the nanny state should do it, you say personal responsibility should prevail. i say the greater good is served by more personal responsibility because it just harms everybody
11:36 pm
all the consumers and all the business. so we have three points of view here. doctors, thanks very much. we appreciate it. >> thanks, bill. >> bill: is it legal on the warren jeffs trial. warren jeffs trial. and the feds desperately trying ♪ let me entertain you ♪ let me make you smile ♪ let me do a few tricks ♪ some old and then some new tricks ♪ ♪ i'm very versatile ♪ so let me entertain you ♪ and we'll have a real good time ♪ [ male announcer ] with beats audio and flash, you can experience richer music and download movies straight to the new hp touchpad with webos. host: could switching to geico to the new hp touchpad reon car insurance? or more host: do people use smartphones to do dumb things? man 1: send, that is the weekend. app grapgic: yeah dawg! man 2: allow me to crack...the bubbly! man 1: don't mind if i doozy. man 3: is a gentleman with a brostache invited over to this party?
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>> bill: is it legal segment tonight. three hot topics. war wren jeffs.
11:39 pm
here with us is a guest in for lis wiehl tonight. attorney and fox news analyst kimberly guilfoyle. guilfoyle, once again, attorney general eric holder going after a state for overreaching as he said and intruding on federal immigration law. is it the same thing in alabama that it was in arizona or is there a difference. >> actually, same breed. when comparing the two, they are very similar, is he making the same argument that there are specific provisions of the law in alabama that are preempted by immigration law, federally speaking. >> bill: give me an example. >> for example, frem supremacy laws would say federal law trumps state rights. they have a specific provision that police officers need to, when they're pulling someone over and they have reasonable cause, and this is exactly like the arizona law, they have to ascertain whether or not the person is legally in the state. okay? >> bill: so the federal government the obama administration saying know no, alabama police do not have the right to ask a person to prove
11:40 pm
hirst immigration status. >> trumps. also the same law in arizona sb 1070 is whether or not a person if you have knowledge that somebody is illegally in the state, you cannot conceal, harbor, transport them. that would be a violation of the law. also, there is a provision that you must use everify and make sure that a person who is seeking employment with you in a business is there lawfully and is eligible to work in the state. >> bill: you support the state laws generally. >> yes, i do. >> bill: do you? >> generally i do. i'm a prosecutor not a politician. you put the law in front of me, i'm going to enforce it. >> bill: do you think this is an intrusion by the federal government into states rights? >> not in general on this law. mostly codifying putting down on paper what already is in place. really the state saying that the if the federal government isn't going to enforce this we are going to have to do it ourselves. >> bill: is holder right in saying you can't pass this law? is he correct?
11:41 pm
>> supreme court is ultimately going to have to decide this. in your opinion is holder correct. >> my opinion to come in here as he has no. and this is why. >> bill: there is holder, and i -- all three of us think that they are overreaching, the obama administration is overreaching, that the states have a right to protect this citizens at that level. >> turn them over to the feds to prosecute. >> bill: federal judge says that kansas cannot deny planned parenthood federal dollars. not federal dollars, taxpayer dollars, all right? there is a debate taxpayer money when it has abortion resume a while long, and you say? >> i think when i look down there this is fine no overreaching here, the injunction should not have been granted. what it basically did is the state came in and passed a law we are going to prioritize where our money goes. we all know that money is not
11:42 pm
coming down the way it did before. >> you say this is another federal intrusion on a state's right? >> yes. but i think that kansas is going to have a problem. because when i actually read the judge's opinion and i read the papers today here is what he did was a mistake. gives money to low income families to go to support family planning it says it can go to any public organization or non-private entity. kansas said prioritize. great. actually have the right to do that very specific in saying that after the public institution is going to go to hospitals and the federally -- federal health organization which knocks planned patient hood out. which now is changing. >> bill: this is complicated. the judge is not a total loon, two sides to this story war ren jeffs charged with what.
11:43 pm
>> two counts of assault on a minor. >> 12 and 15 at the time that he is alleged to have committed these acts. in fact, the 15-year-old he had a child with a forensic d.n.a. expert testified with over 99.99% certainty set biological father of this child. very strong case for the prosecution. warren jeffs has fired his defense attorneys. he is representing himself. >> bill: he is done. where is this in austin? where is this? >> this is in texas, san angelo, texas. seventh seventh day right now. >> bill: is he convicted by the jury which we believe he will be, what does he get? >> 35 to life. this guy is bye bye. >> bill: do you think is he going to get convicted. >> there is a mountain of evidence against him. they have d.n.a. >> revolting as it is audiotape. >> bill: did he it. >> the evidence is there, too. >> bill: is he representing himself. that's not a wise move. >> is he a disaster. he didn't give an opening statement. is he not cross-examining witnesses. he is getting up and giving statements trying to indoctrinate whoever wants to listen about his religion. he thinks he is a prophet.
11:44 pm
texas is not going to put up with it. the longhorn state like no way. bye bye, jeffs. >> bill: remember, we all expected what's her name in florida to go down, too. >> are you going to -- with that again? >> bill: here i think it's 9 a%. >> let's hope so. thanks for coming. in kimberly, many look at her now. >> i forgot my first name tim. >> i only answer to guilfoyle. >> bill: whether most americans care or understand the debt deal this week. later, neeld wants you to visit and they have hired lindsay lohan to make that clear. was that a wise move? right back. ♪ [ male announcer ] this is our beach. ♪ this is our pool. ♪ our fireworks. ♪
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>> back of the book segment tonight. stossel matters. when we last left the intrepid fox business network anchor, he was telling us that he thinks most americans know little about the federal spending issue. after the deal was voted on in the house last night, we sent jessie watters out to see if stossel is right. >> what do you think about the debt deal? >> the jet deal? >> the nation's debt? >> yeah, like the nation's debt? >> i don't know much about it. >> what's the compromise? >> well, the compromise was that they raised the debt ceiling. so, now we can spend more money, woo hoo. >> what have they done? >> oh, jeez. i can read i can't read the full disclosure. i'm embarrassed. what did they do? what did they cut? >> how are you affected by the deal. >> that they are taxing the rich. >> what about the tea party. >> i like tea parties. >> how much did they raise the debt ceiling? >> $2 trillion. >> and how much are they cutting? >> absolutely nothing.
11:49 pm
it's all fake numbers that they are running. >> how much are they going to raise it by? >> a couple million. >> 2.4 trillion. something like that with setting up a committee to -- for further kicking the can down the road. >> what's the debt at right now. >> where is the debt at right now? i heard it's like 14 billion, right? >> trillion. >> damn! >> i'm not willing to pay nothing. chinese going to have to come get me. >> bill: joining us from washington john stossel. first of all, are you happy with the deal pappased in the senate today 74-26? >> yes -- no -- yes. it's a mixed bag. at least they are finally talking about slowing the growth of government. that's new. >> bill: all right. is so that's good. what's bad? >> what's bad is this doesn't slow the growth of government much. it's still going to grow faster than we can pay for it we are still on unsustainable course. they are already screaming about the cuts that haven't been made
11:50 pm
>> bill: at this point doesn't it come down to the next presidential election next senatorial election that in republicans get elected then the government will be, i guess, rehauled overhauled but if the democrats win, then it will be what we have now, just, you know, with littler increments of spending. smaller increments? >> we will become greece a little more slowly. >> bill: you are switch from the libertarian party to the republican party? is that what you are telling us? >> no. the republicans did as much as the democrats to get into this mess. all politicians made these promises we can take care of all these things. they can't. it's just not enough money there. >> bill: what about revenue in the libertarian mind, which is what you have, do you ax nottled that gowmentd up -- acknowledge that the government needs us. infrastructure, interstate highway, bridges, protection,
11:51 pm
border patrol, on and on. >> i don't know about on and on. that's about it we can do that with less than a trillion dollars. bush and obama doubled spending. >> bill: what about the debate we had earlier that the government has a responsibility to hold down health costs by preventative care and providing all of these things to americans to make sure that there isn't armageddon? >> government can't do that government can't run airlines or steel mills. >> bill: the doctor said if the government gives women free birth control then that's going to bring down all of the social costs attached to unwanted pregnancies. >> but, i think that's nonsense. and they also say if we can -- if government could get people to have preventative care, then we would save money. but that's nonsense too. if you are healthy through preventative care you live longer and incur just as many costs. there is no magic bullet from government. but people think there is i'm glad now some people are saying no, they can't.
11:52 pm
>> bill: now, when you hear and you did your own m.o.s. last week. when you hear most of the folks, who really don't follow this. it's hard to follow. it's boring to some extent does that discourage you, is that an indicator that america is in decline? >> jesse found funnier people than i did. but, no. not really. i think it's always been the case that 1% of the people make things happen and maybe 9% of the people watch them make things happen other 9% of the people say what happened? most people have lives. they don't pay attention to this stuff. at least some people do. i hope they make good decisions. >> thanks, stossel. pinheads and patriots on deck. local lindsay lohan hired to pitch new zealand. wait until you hear this. right back with. p and we used to bet who could get closest to the edge.
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>> bill: starring lindsay lohan and new zealand but first, summer is rolling along so we would like to remind you the bill o'reilly summer sale is doing booming business. books and mats are all marked down. this is a bonanza for gift givers. if you signed up you get the fantastic navy seal shirt absolutely free than the sale
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will end soon. and mail keeps talking. >> bill: some will find a way steve. mark from alaska. >> bill: there you go. it's attributed to john adams ideology is based on hopes and witches.
11:57 pm
>> bill: that's good to hear. you like that kind of research. damon is a generous guy and he is putting his money where his mouth is. can't complain. >> bill: miller invited me to the show?
11:58 pm
is that what you are saying bob, really? premium tickets are sold out at westbury on august 20th, you can check it all out, we have an appearance in richmond and atlanta city at our website more information. >> bill: the use the word pinhead is now everywhere down here. finally tonight. the troubled actress lindsay lohan apparently needs money. she signed to promote the country of new zealand. >> its beautiful island, movie star and loving jewelry. a gift for you it's a guy from new zealand.
11:59 pm
[ applause ] >> you didn't have to do that. thank you. >> this is for you. >> bill: don't we're, they are all paid for the puppet wise guy. i would have slapped that puppet. and they qualify her as a pinhead but we're giving her a break. she needs the cash. that is it for us tonight. check out bill o'reilly fox news website and any where in the world, oprah winfrey at any time, if you wish to opine. do not be chelilous. if you of watching us in some exotic place -- churlish. we are in about 90 countries i think. and everybody is calling


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